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Reiki is a holistic therapy which brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The energy flows through the practitioner's hands when the hands are placed on or held over the recipient--strengthening and normalizing certain vital energy fields held to exist within the body.

$50 per session

Anita Fordyce, Lianna Mastin and Jessie Bledsoe

reiki attunements available

source reconnection

Source Reconnection is an energetic healing technique focused on balancing the chakras. The technique takes place in a healing room in a comfortable, confidential environment. The practitioner has a short interview with the client and a statement of intent for the healing session is determined. Next a sacred space is created and spiritual guides, guardians, and angels are called in to help facilitate the healing session. The client lies on a massage table, fully clothed and relaxed. The practitioner works above the body in the auric field to clear and balance the chakras. After this is complete the practitioner discusses the session with the client answering questions. A typical session lasts about two hours.

$90 per session

Lianna Mastin

matrix energetics

Matrix Energetics starts with a gentle light touch and the power of focused intent and builds into a new and joy-filled state that can affect life changes. This exciting new tool can be used to heal, to transform and to create new possibilities. It's very much about transforming your beliefs concerning healing, disease and the structure of reality. 

$30 per 1/2 hour

Lianna Mastin, Anita Fordyce

chakra balancing

When your chakras are open your physical body and life are healthy, happy and balanced. When there is an imbalance or blockage there will be disturbances in your body or life. By healing the energetic centers of your body your overall health will improve.  Chakra Balancing can help with stress and anxiety, overall balance, digestion issues, communication, emotional balancing and grounding. 

$30 per 1/2 hour

sound healing

Sound is a type of energy medicine that creates the sacred space in which people can heal from stress disorders, pain, depression, the emotional roller coaster and more. It also creates the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages. The healing process is initiated by entraining our brainwaves and creating sympathetic resonance with the perfect vibrations.

$50 per session

toe readings

In a half hour session the story of your life according to your toes will be related. This is not a psychic reading, but more like following the journey of your emotional life through the map presented by your feet. In an hour session, various forms of energy healing are used to help release old emotional issues.

$50 per session


Reflexology is the art and science of placing pressure upon certain points on the hands and feet. These points correspond to the various systems and parts of the body.  Reflexology brings about a state of relaxation and assists the body’s natural healing ability. It can complement other types of health care or it can be used for stress reduction.  

$30 per 1/2 hour

$50 per hour

soul coaching

Discover what’s at the heart of who you are and what you want most in your life.  Identify what blocks you from the life you want—your personal dreams, mission and goals.  Uncover and disengage from the negative impact stress has on your body and mind.  Improve your mental capacity and solve problems more effectively with
less wear and tear on you.  Enhance your relationships and reduce the stress that results from miscommunication.  Bring more creativity and out of the box thinking to your plans and projects.

Lianna Mastin certified HeartMath Coach

$50 per hour