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Inner Wisdom in Galesburg is a spiritual book and gift store offering massage, energy work, and workshops.
Our goal is to offer a comfortable environment where people can explore alternatives for health and spirit.

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Manifesting True Love
Discover your Divine Sacred Soul Contract to Your Twin Flame !
Saturday, June 17  10am-12 pm
We as souls, innately long to meet our twin flame (the other half of our spirit). Our longing to seek Union is imprinted with our souls at birth. It is why our search for romantic love seems to be an obsession!
As souls, we have come to find Union and the original twin flames are now uniting to complete theirsacred soul contracts in this lifetime.
Join Lea Chapin Ms;Ed in this workshop of manifesting your twin flame and living your life together
in divine union!

In This Workshop You Will Learn:
• Understanding why twin flames are reconnecting on the earth at this time
• Discovering what is blocking you from finding “true love “ and living in sacred union
• Lea will lead you in a guided journey to connect your higher self to your twin flame
• Lea will teach you the laws of attraction and manifestation to manifest your twin flame
• Lea will provide a mini reading so you may understand your sacred soul contract with your twin flame
• And much more...
This workshop is for those who seek to manifest their twin flame and for those who have found their twin flame but wish to have a greater understanding of their divine sacred soul contract in this lifetime.
This workshop is based on Lea’s new book Divine Union : The Love story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Her book is available for $14.95 paperback.
Book signing immediately following the workshop 12-1 pm.
Location: Inner Wisdom
44 North Seminary Street
Galesburg, IL 61401
Workshop Cost: $35
Channeled Readings Available: 1-4 pm (after book signing)
Reading Cost:1/2 Hour - $65 or 1 Hour - $100
To register contact:
Lianna Mastin (309) 343-8806 or Innerwisdombookstore@gmail.com
Or Lea Chapin (727) 580-3016 or Leachapin@gmail.com
Saturday, June 17, 2016 • 10-12 pm
Manifesting True Love
Discover your Divine Sacred Soul Contract to Your Twin Flame !

  1. 1
    Morbi nunc odi
    Angel Card Readings
    $30 for 30 minutes
    FRIDAY: MAY 5, 2017
  2. 2
    Morbi nunc odi
    Tarot Readings
    $1 a minute
    FRIDAY: MAY 12, 2017
  3. 3
    Morbi nunc odi
    Psychic Reader/Medium
    30 mins./$45 60 mins./$75
    SATURDAY: MAY 13, 2017
  4. 4
    Morbi nunc odi
    Channeled Readings
    1/2 hour/$65 1 hour/$100
  5. 5
    Morbi nunc odi
    $30 for 1/2 hour $50 for 45 minutes
    FRIDAY: MAY 18, 2017
  6. 6
    Morbi nunc odi
    Tarot Readings
    $1 a minute
    FRIDAY: MAY 26 , 2017